About Us
My grandparents immigrated from Germany in 1915, through Ellis Island to the Land of Opportunity called America with several children in tow, my mother being one of them.

Although my grandmother never did learn to speak English, she was known for her excellent cooking.  She never used a recipe but just a pinch of this, and a bit of that, which she passed onto her daughters.

My fondest memories of growing up were coming home from school to the lively conversation of visiting relatives or friends.  The kitchen filled with wonderful smells of fresh baked bread, pies and supper cooking on the stove and everyone waiting for a taste of my mom's delicious creations.

My mother taught me her love of cooking and never being afraid to experiment, making new recipes.  I have always had the passion to start my own business.  From the memories of my mother's encouragement to experiment,  I started to develop recipes for homestyle appetizer dips. The kind that would be quick and convenient for today's modern busy families that would give a healthy, natural, "from scratch" taste dip for entertaining friends and family.

Treasured Thymes was born and new recipe ideas continue to develop for the business.  If you have never tasted one of our products made with the finest herbs and spices we can find, I encourage you to order one of our products and taste the difference!
Treasured Thymes Gourmet Mixes